The Gables’ 17th Annual Blues Fest Has Us Singin’ the Blues, Miami Style!

If you STILL haven’t heard about this weekend’s Coral Gables 17th Annual Blues Fest, today’s your lucky day because it’s not too late to enjoy the dynamic sounds of some of the country’s best Blues bands, right in our own backyard! Last night after a long day of meetings and running errands, we stopped by Fritz & Frantz Bierhaus for what we thought was going to be “a few beers” but turned out to be a rollicking great time with the locals, New Orleans style (IF New Orleans knew anything about good Miami livin’!).

It was a noisy, eclectic, funky scene; a mixed bag of old-timers, hipsters, families, couples, singles, and yes (this being Coral Gables, after all), plenty of four-legged friends. Fun was had by all to the groovy sounds of the Chicago-based Biscuit Miller & the Mix, who non-stop rocked the crowd with their flawless artistry, electric performance, and highly suggestive lyrics; Biscuit kindly gave us a few minutes of his time:

HoneyGetOverIt: So where are you from?

Biscuit: Chicago, born and raised.

H: And what brought you to these here parts?

B: Hell. (Chuckle) And we’re on our way to play at Key West.

H: How long have you all been playing together, and what did you do before?

B: We’ve been together since 2002, and I ain’t never had another job. I’ve been a musician all my life; I used to play in Minnesota for Prince’s sister, Tyka (Nelson).

H: You guys are amazing; any chance we can convince you to come back to Miami?

B: Of course! Reach us at

The Coral Gables 17th Annual Blues Fest runs this weekend, DO NOT MISS IT.

***FYI –  Fritz & Frantz Beirhaus is also holding their St. Patrick’s Day Weekend Bash from March 14-17, see you there!***

PS – When you get to Beirhaus, order the Louisiana Fish & Fries – holy moly! DEEELISH!

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