‘Casa de HaHa’ – Miami’s Home Grown Comes Into Its Own

Looking for something to do last night we happened upon the ‘Calendar’ section of The Miami New Times and found a gem – Daniel Reskin‘s “Casa de HaHa” at Sweat Records. I won’t lie and pretend that the journey to Sweat wasn’t a little (ahem) alarming, that the scenery wasn’t a little hair-raising,  or that it wasn’t unnerving to pay a toothless, homeless guy $3 to “watch our car” (there is “free” parking but I wouldn’t ignore the group of men with makeshift reflector vests who have set up shop at the dirt parking lot around the corner); but we had such a blast when we got there,  the crowd was so chill, and the comedy was so good, I have to admit that the risk was definitely worth the reward.

Located in one of Miami’s most notorious neighborhoods, Sweat Records is a vinyl junkie’s dream, and every 2nd Tuesday since 2008 this prime record store is converted into a comedy club that is currently offering start-ups the opportunity to compete for a coveted spot following comedian Joe Rogan‘s act on April 3rd at the upcoming South Beach Comedy Festival. There are three satellite preliminary rounds left until the Finals Round on March 30th a the Fort Lauderdale Improv, including next Tuesday’s competition at Elwoods Gastro Pub where 10 new comedians will face-off for the chance to shine at The Fillmore Miami Beach next month.

Surprisingly, “Casa de HaHa” is FREE, and although Sweat Records doesn’t offer “adult beverages,” they do have a snack bar well stocked with coffee, tea, and assorted desserts. The next “Casa de HaHa” show is on April 9th at 8:30 pm sharp (I’d arrive at least half an hour early, the place gets packed) and will feature fresh faces as well as some standing regulars. If you’re free and love comedy, DO NOT MISS these events – see you there!

About Last Night – Notables

Pam Bruno

Casa de HaHa Pam Bruno

Not for the faint of heart, comedienne Pam Bruno brilliantly delivers deadpan anecdotes that will keep you guessing where she’s going with it, until you realize – she’s already there, and so are you.

Reggie Desjardins

Casa de HaHa Reggie Dejardin

The self-proclaimed “Black Jew,” Reggie Desjardins is masterful in his delivery. The kid’s clearly a rising star and brutal with the wit – heckling him is a REALLY bad idea, as some smart alec learned last night the very hard way. Kudos.

John Wynn

Casa de HaHa John Wynn

Dubbed “the funny Asian,” John Wynn challenges the audience with real-life revelations about middle-class life and what it means to be ethnically ambiguous in a world of labels. A seasoned pro, Wynn aims to please – and hits the mark dead on.

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  1. Bacon says:

    Sounds like a fun place! I should check it out some time!


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