STAND THE F**K UP! Casa De HaHa’s Killing It In MIA

Listen, people – THERE IS ONE PLACE AND ONE PLACE ONLY FOR TOP NOTCH STAND UP IN MIAMICasa De HaHa is IT. I’ve told you all before and if you haven’t made it out there yet I urge you to make the trek ASAP; believe me, you won’t know how you ever got along without it. Established in September 2008 by the Great Daniel Reskin, Casa De HaHa runs the second Tuesday of every month at Sweat Records and is Miami’s answer to NYC’s “Three of Cups” Comedy Showcase and LA’s “Comedy Bang Bang” at the UCB Theatre, becoming THE premier launching pad for local talent and nurturing some of the planet’s funniest people right in our own backyard.

This month’s offerings were stellar as usual, with a few familiar faces and some new peeps that definitely rocked the crowd. Particularly hilarious were Andres Taboada, Jamal Hattar, Bradlys Philoctete, Kat Toledo, and Amarie Lee; from Taboada’s English “grammar lesson,” to a Hattar’s take on American Exceptionalism, to Lee’s more gruesome aspects of single womanhood in the Magic City, our fearless performers put it all out there for our voyeuristic delight.

Expect something extra-special for December’s show when Reskin hands the reigns over to HaHa’s resident funny men Reggie Desjardins and Allan Medina; although these gentlemen have huge shoes to fill, and although I’m sure there will be a learning curve along the way, I have zero doubt that they will pull it off and continue to grow Casa De HaHA’s talent and fan base for years to come – DO NOT MISS IT!

[Sweat Records is located at 5505 NE 2nd Avenue, right next to Churchill’s famous, THE spot for Miami’s underground music scene]


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