Veterans Day @ Miami Beach, 2014 – Photogallery

Most Americans site WWII as the last righteous war that the United States was ever involved in; and although there is no doubt that profit has been the major driver of every war since, in no way do the failures of our leadership diminish the great sacrifices that have been made by our military personnel, who have valiantly fought with only the most noble and ethical intentions. If anything, it is the American voter who is most responsible for the questionable policies that have put our young men and women in harm’s way.

This year I was honored to witness the Veteran’s Day celebration on Miami Beach, and kudos to everyone involved for creating such an awe-inspiring tribute to those who have died in, and survived, the horrors of war. We, as a nation, are indebted to them; and the best way that we as citizens can repay them for their service is to ensure that none serving today will ever be sent into battle without due cause.

Special thanks and much love to my husband, U.S. ARMY SGT Juan Aguero, who served honorably in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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