Mezzacorona & Stemmari Wines Holiday 2014 Wine Tasting – A Review

Well the holiday season is upon us and if you’re looking for exceptional new wines to serve to your guests or to bring with you to holiday get togethers, look no further than Mezzacorona and Stemmari Wines’ large selection of fantastic offerings! I had the pleasure of attending their recent tasting at the fabulous Rooftop on Ponce in Coral Gables, where head vintner Lucio Matricardi explained to guests what makes the Mezzacorona/Stemmari brands exceptional – their dedication to tradition and engaging one on one with the land and the vine, patiently hand-cultivating outstanding wine that is sure to please even the most discriminating connoisseur.

Mezzacorona lies at the foot of the Italian Alps, and you can taste the crispness of the terrain in their products; the Cliffhanger Pino Grigio is delightfully fruity and surprisingly (and dangerously!) light, with hints of ripe pear and chamomile perfect with appetizers or lighter seafood dishes.

If red is more your style, I highly recommend Stemmari’s Nero D’Avola, made with Sicily’s most famous native varietal; hearty and robust with notes of black cherries and nuts, it goes perfectly with the rich and luscious comfort foods most commonly served during the holiday season.

But the night’s winner – bar none – was Stemmari’s “Baci Vivaci,” a refreshing and lively alternative to Champagne and Prosecco. Made from delicious Grillo grapes, this elegant and expressive sparkling wine is sure to become your new “go to” wine for celebrations to come. Cheers!

(For more information about where to purchase Mezzacorona and Stemmari wines near you, contact Prestige Wine Imports)

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