Security, Promotions, and Why Steroids Should Be Legal

K so I wake up and the first thing I hear is that Susan Rice is being promoted to National Security Adviser and Samantha Power is taking her place. That Samantha Power is taking her place as the U.N. adviser is no surprise, as Powers has long advocated U.N. policy. I don’t blame her for this, although I don’t share her verve; the world is, after all, a cluster f***, and some global law and order sounds like a good idea 6 days out of the week. That Rice got promoted to her new office, is; allow me to elaborate.

Let’s ignore, if we can, the Benghazi debacle and Rice’s role in it. Let’s pretend that she wasn’t involved in any meaningful way, even though she was the mouthpiece for the misinformation that was sold to the American public. Let’s keep it simple and I think we will all be able to agree that it is illogical to promote Rice to any position that involves “security.”

Security means different things to different people, but at the end of the day it’s all about trust. Why do you feel more secure with your Glock 17? Because you trust that the weapon will work if, God forbid, you should need it to. Why do you feel more secure with your seat belt on? Because you trust that the belt will work if, God forbid, you should need it to.

Does anyone trust that Susan Rice will work as the National Security Adviser if you need her to?

I understand what following orders means; but what good is a National Security Adviser that follows orders and talking points? The NSA is, arguably, the second most important position in any American administration. No matter what your political stripe, the NSA directly affects all of our lives; it’s not a role for a water-boy. Or in this case, a water-girl.

The role of an adviser is to inform about what is happening in reality, not to ignore reality in favor of anyone’s concept of what should be happening. Can you imagine if we all acted this way? “Well I SHOULD BE able to use steroids if I want; I’m not hurting anybody, and it makes me more productive not less.” See?

For National Security to function, it’s gotta be manned by people with the guts to face the truth about what’s really going on, and to call it like they see it. Normative statements have no place in national security, and they are a moot point when it comes to the law. The law forbids steroid use in sports and no amount of “should’s” is gonna change that; heck, not even logic and common sense has changed it. So how can any American feel safe and secure with a National Security Adviser that has proven herself unable to state the facts?

Until the law changes, professional athletes will continue to pay a high price for enhancing their performance. Just like punishing up and coming executives for learning a new language, steroid use is punished because it gives some athletes an “unfair advantage” over others. Of course this is lunacy; the advantage is available to ALL and is therefore, “fair.” But why use logic when you can level the playing field down to the most mediocre denominator?

And until security no longer relies on trust, Susan Rice cannot be considered an adequate choice for the role of National Security Adviser. Of course, with all the “change” that’s occurred in the last four years, who knows? Maybe trust will no longer be considered a requirement for leadership. Talk about mediocre. Image



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  1. Mar says:

    Just a place holder to fulfill some type of quota.. and.. yes steroids are available to all but that still doesn’t mean all “athletes” are created equal steroids or not 🙂


    • njasencio says:

      But isn’t that the point? Of course not all athletes are created equal, that’s why only the best win. Roids don’t guarantee a winner; they augment an already stellar performer. Just like the language example I used for executives, same thing. To say it is “unfair” to hold athletes and leaders to higher standards will only serve to ensure that the bottom feeders become the new standard. Is that really what we want?


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